Community Arts Course

This course had some bumps and bruises, some kinks to iron out while we navigated our tasks, however we were able to problem solve for the most part. One thing I would change is the time allocated to each project, because we ended up having to do the final one on our own time using videos our teacher made. They were helpful, but not the same as putting your hand up in class or following alongside the teacher. I believe that even though the IRAP program can be a bit disastrous at times it truly helped me find my passions and was a key factor when deciding what I want to do for the future. My teacher for this course was one of the few teachers I was able to talk to openly, not afraid to ask questions or just have a conversation with them about one thing or another.This course was my favorite class of the day and I always left with a smile on my face and a new understanding of a topic we discussed. In the class, we tackled problems that people knew were problems, but didn’t put any effort out to change it. In our first project it was about changing our schools moniker, and replacing it with something that showed our schools virtues better, as well as being inclusive. We presented them to the principle and he thanked us and left uncomfortable that day, and it was a good thing. He left thinking about it and it made him uncomfortable, the fact that he would eventually have to show this to the community knowing there would be backlash. I liked working with the class and seeing them create masterpieces to fit with our projects. To be honest, I’m not really the visual artist type, I fit more into the performing arts with dancing and drama and music. But i was up to par with everyone else when it came to the design thinking part of the process. It was absolutely vital to have design thinking so you could keep on track and always have the main problem in mind in order to create a solution to the problem. -KG

Library Mural

During this assignment I was excited to leave something permanent in the library before I graduated, thinking of the many possibilities that we could come up with. We had the idea of sticking with fairy tales and I quickly made a list of the most prominent. I came up with the idea to have the beanstalk trail through all our murals to link them and I think it turned out pretty well. My partner, Sophia, was at home sick during the final renderings, but managed to pull through with a killer piece that put everything together. It was completely different from what we originally wanted but it looked so realistic and definitely something I would find in an old library. I’m just glad that we were able to finish and give the students in the library something to help them remember the start of their literature journey. – KG